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westar这个是法国牌子,公司在迪拜,国内没有卖的, STAINLESS STEEL BACK 背部不锈钢材质 SWISS EB 瑞士生产 价位2.3千左右,和国内的雷达表是一个档次的 。


Who cries for the children? I do Some time in the night When you're feeling the cold Take a look at the sky above you Those are faces in the light If the story were told They are calling you, calling you Yeah We are magic in th...

歌曲:《We Are Stars》 歌手:Virginia To Vegas 所属专辑:We Are Stars Everything's so small when you're on top of the world 一切都那么渺小,当你在世界之巅 It's hard to understand what's still yet to unfold 很难理解还未展开 Prete...

We are the Stars (主题曲) 我们是高挂在天空的星星(第一段全部翻译) You are my Stars 无法替代的爱 沙尘中浮现的理想国度 We are journey to the Stars 在苏醒之前,梦想一定会实现 千万别忘记 在流逝的时间碎片里,寻找我的去向。 时间已经不...

是Shaun Gibson的Shine Like The Stars

歌名:We Are All Made Of Stars 语言:英语 歌手:Moby 专辑:The Brit Awards Album 2003 歌词: Growing in numbers Growing in speed Can′t fight the future Can′t fight what I see People they come together People they fall apart No ...

颤栗者 - Michael Jackson It's Close To Midnight 午夜时分 And Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark 魔鬼在暗处隐藏 Under The Moonlight 月光之下 You See A Sight That Almost Stops Your Heart 景象吓停你的心脏 You Try To Scream 想...

你可以去下一个多米音乐 好像现在qq音乐也有这个功能,就是对着它哼曲调能找出相似的歌,多试几次就能找到自己想要的歌,我就曾经找到过,试了十次找到了~如果是首好听的歌找到了分享一下吧~


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