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都有 代我说谢谢 say thanks for me , say thanks to me 向我说谢谢 比:please say thanks to your sister for me 意思:请替我向妹妹说谢谢

say thanks to. 道谢。 You can say thanks to your mother on Thanksgiving Day.

答案是: 代我说谢谢 say thanks for me ,say thanks to me 意思是:向我说谢谢 比如:please say thanks to your sister for me 意思是:请替我向你妹妹说谢谢 ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

Tom helped me yesterday,and I should say thanks to him.

首先,Thank 为动词,意思是感谢,一般用法:1.Thank sb for sth/doing sth 因为某事感谢某人 2.Thank you 这是最常见的感谢用语。 其次,Thank加s 后词性改变为名词,所以对某人说感谢要用say thanks to sb. 最后,Thanks to 是一个固定搭配,...

I want to say thanks to my father. I feel lucky to have he as my father. My father is handsome. He has a lot of experience to me, like how to study hard, how to keep fit .He is the man who told me the moral choice about right o...

可以用这些 代词:it, that 有名词性的单词:hi, hello, goodbye, thanks, sorry, never, always, ... 名词短语:a few words, something nice, good morning 名词从句:see you tomorrow, I love you, I miss you 替代 sth 。

你好! i will say thanks for her这个句型不太对。 一般英语感谢的用法是, thank sb for sth。 或thanks to sb for sth。 如 Thank you very much for your help! Many thanks to you for your help!

We should say thanks to my teachers In the past three years,I have studied in a beautiful school which prodivedes me with a good study place.Teachers in my school also give me lots of help.Whenever I was in trouble,my teachers ...

I want to say thank you to my mom, especially on this special day today, because today is the mother's day, I love my mother, because my mother's love for me was very great, very unselfish, and mom's cooking is a taste of her m...

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