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well, you can walk out on me tonight ? if you think that it's feeling right but darling, there's no getting over me ? well, you can say that you need to be free but there's no place that i won't be sweet darling, there's no get...

不常用 一般是get over him/her/you 意思是:忘记ta,你,不再为ta,你伤神。。。


歌曲名:I'Ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me 歌手:Expose 专辑:Exposé Bellefire - I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me Album: Spin the Wheel I hear you're taking the town again Having a good time with all your good time fri...

你在QQ音乐上搜Ronnie Milsap,可找到他唱的这首歌(There 's )No getting over me

Call me if you need a fix call me if you need a boostSee them other...Which means nobody getting over meI got the swag and it's pumping out ...

i'm always getting over you,don't lie and say you are over me! 我总是(一直)在原谅着你(谅解着你),别骗我,并且告诉我你也原谅了我!

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