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adj. 上等的,极好的(口语);服装华丽的 n. 花花公子;好打扮的人 根据语境再细化挑选一下,极好的/服装华丽的更年轻的日本人

歌曲名:Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy [Live In Tokyo, Japan, February 5, 2002] 歌手:Mr. Big 专辑:In Japan Artist: Mr. Big Album: Lean Into It Title: Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song) (Billy Sheehan,...

1. How many times has2. How did; travel3. enjoying themselves4. went; by plane5. more than;city of

old daddy bears tube 老爸爸熊管 Old daddy is a beak in praenomen high school, educating the motherland's blossom. 老爸是一名中学教师,培养着祖国的花朵。 中年,japanese,daddy,oldmantube.org old daddy bears tube 老爸爸熊管 Old dad...

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