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has he got a foottball 他得到了一个足球吗?

Learning to give up in life is also a sort of wisdom when I dreamed becoming a foot ball star,enjoying great popularity among teenagers and winning great reputation for my country . Therefore ,there is no such a thing as achi...

Does Tom play football well? 汤姆足球⚽️踢的好吗?

a football match:一场足球赛。 a broadcast of a football match and taking part in the Dragon Boating Contest. 足球比赛的广播节目.参加端午节的赛龙舟。

Playing football and watching TV on Saturdays and Sundays. 周五踢球或看电视。

I like football I like playing sports very much . My favorite sport is football,because I think it`s exciting and relaxing .I always play football every Morning with my classmates ,because they can make me a fit body.I have thr...

a foot ball star,enjoying great popularity among teenager and winning great ...I came to realize that I didn't have a gift for it I have been ...

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