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get it over with 赶快把事情做妥当;做完;把他忘怀 例句 1.You think you're gonna cry and get it over with. 你觉得你可以用哭泣解决它。 2.You might as well get it over with if you can. 您不妨得到它与如果您能。 3.if you ' d just ge...

Get Over It 共渡难关、度过这关、克服它 [例句]If that applies to you , now is the time to get over it . " 如果你也有这样的问题,现在是时候克服它了。

1. get over it中,over为介词,所以宾语it放在介词over之后,意思是“别再想它了/忘了它吧”。 2. get it over中,over为副词,所以其宾语是代词it时,it必须放在两者中间,意思是“克服/战胜它”。

这是over 作介词和副词的用法! 两种都有,意思不同。 见下例: Get over it. 忘记它吧。 Yell, scream, and tell them to get over it. 叫声,尖叫声,和告诉他们克服它。 I hope you will soon get over it. 愿你早日痊愈。 "Let's get it ove...

一劳永逸地做完(不愉快但不得不做的事);把…做完了事;get over 当“恢复;克服”的时候 If you want to get something unpleasant over with, you want to do it or finish experiencing it quickly, since you cannot avoid it.

A whole lot a people cryin' "don't blame me" They point their crooked little fingers at everybody else Spend all their time felin' sorry for them selves Victim of this, victim of that Tour mommas too thin; and your daddys too f...

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歌曲名称:get over it 所属专辑:《Avril Lavigne B Sides》 歌曲时长:3分27秒 歌曲原唱:艾薇儿(Avril Lavigne) 音乐风格:欧美,流行,朋克 歌曲语言:英文 双语歌词如下: Slipping down a slide 心情开始滑了下来 I did enjoy the ride ...

don"t let it get you down. it will be over with soon 不要让它让你失望。很快就结束了


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