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C 试题分析:根据句意: 在世界上如此多的作家中,仅仅只有少数之后会变得很著名,像这样的一个就是莫言,他最近获得了诺贝尔文学奖。so many + 可数名词复数 数字+ such+名词。可知选C点评:so副词,意思是“如此、这样”,后面常接形容词或副词...

take pride in 以……为傲 use up 用光 take after 与(父母)相像 fix up 修理 go off 变坏,消失 on time 准时 at times 总是 later on 以后 quite a few 相当多

Time is a diminishing resource. Time management remains the main tool for getting the most from available time. The ability to organize without procrastination controls these minutes and hours. Setting up a time management plan...


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