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口语考试 表演魔术求翻译

1. Then let me show you a magic 2. Here is a deck of cards 3. Please pick up a stack of cards 4. Spades 7 5. Now I will divide it into three overlapping 6. What do you think is not a stack of seven spades? 7. Congratulations, y...

魔术心得=magic experience 魔术心得比赛=magic experience competition 心得其实就是经验~~

= = 感觉众人的回答略奇妙 。。 我看的原版视频里都是说 “Let's play tricks” 一般用 magic 太正式了,除了特指魔术师用 magician 或者 Illusionist (幻术师) 之外一般不大用吧,而且除了学术交流, magic 往往指“魔法”。 大概这样子,我在下...

The road of interesting magic

你好!是:They expect to see a magic show,希望可以帮到你,望你采纳!


请描述一下这个能力的样子和威力。 暂时翻译为:Great Magical Disknownable Eye

As you know, a magician's hands are so nimble that hardly any people can catch their actions. However, there do exist two professionals who have comprable speed. One is coman, the other is theif, more precisely, pickpocket. The...

next i will play a magic to you.接下来我为大家表演一个魔术 it is very simple but interesting这个魔术十分简单但十分有趣 i think i will find out 4 A in this playing cards我想我会从一副牌中找出4个A no more words ,now i begin my sh...


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